Documentation Site Guide to Managing Content


This is a guide to migrating documentation to, including adding to a RAC GitHub repository, conversion of content to the Markdown format, and editing in Markdown. For the policy that defines the approval process by which documentation is selected, designated as internal or external, and added to, refer to the Rockefeller Archive Center Documentation Site Content Approval Policy.

Platform Structural Overview

The RAC Documentation Site is a static website. RAC staff will add documentation to the site via a repository on the RAC’s GitHub that is designated for that set of documentation. A static site generator called Jekyll converts the raw text files that comprise the documentation (ie. Markdown files) to HTML, and the site files will be deployed to

GitHub is a web-based hosting service that enables version-control of content, meaning that it records and saves the changes to files over time and enables users to recall specific versions of those files. See Using GitHub for more information on Git and GitHub.