Error Reporting


This template should be used to communicate persistent disk imaging errors and attempted troubleshooting actions to the Advanced Troubleshooting Team. Copy and paste the information below into an email and proceed to fill out the appropriate sections - be as specific as possible. Before filling this out, remember to check the Troubleshooting page in order to see if any solutions have been documented for the type of error message you have encountered.

Advanced Troubleshooting Template

Digital Media ID:


Description of troubleshooting actions/results: Describe any actions taken and their results. What steps were successful?

Error Messages: What error messages were displayed when you encountered a problem? Copy and paste it, or include a screenshot of the error message. There are many different error messages, and knowing the specific one can help narrow down the problem.

Other Comments: Is there anything else we should know? Were there any noticeable patterns during the imaging process (i.e. all optical disks from the same folder failed to image/resulted in the same error). Did you try to work around the problem using a different method than those listed in the documentation? What did you try and what were the results? Be as specific as possible.

Item’s value to parent folder/collection (if known): Is this the only known copy of the item? Does a printed copy of this information already exist in the parent folder?