Endpoints and Parameters

Using the available endpoints and their parameters, you can construct queries to get data back from the API.

See the full OpenAPI schema at https://api.rockarch.org/schema to see how our API is structured and understand the data.


Agents: People, organizations or families.
Collections: Intellectually significant groups of records.
Objects: Intellectually significant groups of records that do not have children.
Terms: Controlled values describing topics, geographic places or record formats.

Endpoint Description
/agents Returns a list of agents.
/agents/{id} Returns data about an individual agent.
/collections Returns a list of collections.
/collections/{id} Returns data about an individual collection.
/collections/{id}/ancestors Returns the ancestors of a collection.
/collections/{id}/children Returns the children of a collection. Children of collections can be collections or objects.
/collections/{id}/minimap Returns data about where search hits are located within a collection.
/objects Returns a list of objects.
/objects/{id} Returns data about an individual object.
/objects/{id}/ancestors Returns the ancestors of an object.
/terms Returns a list of terms.
/terms/{id} Returns data about an individual term.
/search Performs search queries across agents, collections, objects and terms.
/search/{id} Performs search queries across a specific agent, collection, object or term.
/schema/ Returns the OpenAPI schema for the RAC API.


Use our browsable API to see which parameters are available for which endpoints. For example, https://api.rockarch.org/collections lists the filter and sort fields, or parameters, that are available for that endpoint at the top of the webpage.

Parameter Description Example
limit Number of results to return per page. limit=50
offset Number of results to return per page. offset=50
id Unique identifier. The id is used in an endpoint path to point to a specific collection, object, agents, etc. /collections/2HnhFZfibK6SVVu86skz3k
title Filter or sort results by title. title=world health organization
start_date Filter results by start date. start_date=1932
end_date Filter results by start date. end_date=1975
category Filter results by category term, including person, collection, or organization category=person
subject Filter results by subject/topic term subject=public health
creator Filter results by creator. Creators are the people, organizations, and families responsible for creating the records. creator=adams, lillian
online Filter results by objects that are digital and available to view online. online=true
genre Filters results by genre/format term, including documents, photographs, moving image, and audio. genre=moving image
query Query for full-text search query=yellow fever
sort Sort results by title, start_date, end_date, or type. By default the named property will be sorted ascending. Descending order can be achieved by appending an en dash (-) to the start of the property. sort=title

Refining dates

Specify dates and date ranges by appending conditions to the start and end date parameters separated by a double underscore: __. For example, start_date__gte=1940&end_date__lt=1950 includes all dates from 1940 to 1949.

Parameter condition Description
gt greater than
lt less than
gte greater than or equal to
lte less than or equal to