RAC Archivematica | Workflows by Content Type

Digitized Materials

Special Projects

  1. Run script(s) created for special project to structure transfer and generate rights.csv and archivesspaceids.csv. Rockefeller Foundation Officers’ Diary Example

  2. Move transfers to the IngestQueue directory in the Transfer Source.

  3. Ingests happen automatically overnight with a cron job running startTransfer.py pointed at the IngestQueue directory.

On Demand

  1. Run generateDigitizationSip.py with the -a flag to create a structured directory and ArchivesSpace IDs CSV file. Include the -c flag if citation sheets need to be removed.

  2. Run premisCsvDigitization.py to create the PREMIS rights CSV file.

  3. Move transfers to Transfer Source.

  4. Run startTransfer.py with the list of transfers to start.

Legacy Born Digital

In development.


In development.