RAC Archivematica | Ingest


Use the startTransfer.py Python script to start transfers via the API. The script requires the following information:

  • a list of transfers
  • dashboard username
  • dashboard API key
  • base url for API endpoint of dashboard
  • location UUID for transfer source

Manual Ingest

Transfer and Ingest

  1. In the Transfer tab, select the appropriate transfer type from the drop down menu. Enter the name of the transfer in the Transfer name field.

  2. To select the transfer directory, click Browse. Select the directory to ingest into Archivematica, then click Add.

  3. Click Start Transfer.

  4. Complete any microservice that requires human intervention. When Micro-service: Create SIP from Transfer has completed, proceed to the Ingest tab.

  5. In in the Ingest tab, complete any microservice that requires human intervention. If a DIP will be created, in Job: Upload DIP, select Upload DIP to ArchivesSpace then follow the instructions in Manual Matching. Manual matching is not necessary if an ArchivesSpace IDs CSV file was included with the transfer.

Manual Matching

  1. After selecting Upload DIP to ArchivesSpace in the Ingest tab, Archivematica loads a screen listing all ArchivesSpace resource records. Navigate to a specific collection either by searching for it or by navigating to it using the screen pager. To start mapping files in the DIP to resource components in a given collection, click the “Assign objects” button to the right of the collection title. To drill down to lower levels of the collection, click on the collection title.

  2. This opens the DIP object pairing screen which lists the objects in the DIP and Resources in ArchivesSpace to which the objects can be linked:

  3. Select one or more objects, then click on the appropriate resource. This action highlights the resource; to pair the objects with their resources, click on the “Pair” button on the top right of the screen or press Enter on your keyboard.

  4. Note that an object that has already been paired with a resource is greyed out and cannot be selected again, while a resource that has already been paired with an object changes font colour from black to red, but can still have more objects paired with it.

  5. To delete a pair (i.e. make the digital object available to be linked to a different description), click the delete icon to the right of the pair. Once the mapping is completed, click “Save”. You will be asked to confirm the save, and then the mapping screen will close and you will be returned to the ingest tab in the Archivematica dashboard.


  • file names are sanitized during ingest–so if the original filename has spaces or special characters in it, they are now underscores–this affects filtering objects
  • filtering objects is not case sensitive
  • “select all” selects *everything*, not just files that are currently visible (i.e., filtered)